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Specialized in architecture/interior- portrait- and food- photography.

My works are published in design magazines and on MyHomes, Plum Guide, Airbnb and all major real estate platforms.


Houzz features my portraits and interviews.

It is a privilege to have met thousands of homeowners, hundreds of restaurant managers, hair stylists, pizza makers, beauty specialists and chefs.

Each of us is the place we live, the work we do.

There are as many different people as there are unforgettable stories told.


The Portraits gallery: Paride Vitale, Clara and Andrea with Lou Lou, Pietro e Daria's family, Alessandra ScandellaLuigi Sutera, Alek Pierre, Daniela Sagliaschi, Riccardo Polidoro and Alessio Ferri, Irene and Alan's family, Franco Cremante, Leonardo and Laura with Gaia, Mara PasettiDana Frigerio, Angelica, Carla's family.

My editorial works distributed by Shutterstock are published around the world.

My NFTs are available on Opensea.

The Daily Show is a personal ongoing project.

Email me.

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